Aggressive Health Solutions Workshop

Our current class is full. Our next class will begin mid-May, 2020. The exact date, location, and time are TBD as we recently to change venues and are still working out the details.

Are you living with health conditions that we have helped others successfully overcome? (depression, excess weight, anxiety, autoimmunities, allergies, sleep issues, frequent illness, thyroid issues, high blood pressure, diabetes, low energy, foggy thinking, Lyme disease, and more).

If so, why not try our hands-on Aggressive Health Solutions workshop?

  • 96% of previous students (who said they followed the program closely) were glad they took this workshop.
  • 92% said they would recommend it to a family member or friend.

This workshop is designed to give your body what it needs to restore itself to vibrant health.

“I sincerely don’t remember a time in my 41 years that I felt such vibrant energy.” AR

“Sleeping through the night is an amazing feeling after 21 years of insomnia. I thank God for Marchon”. DK

“[Dr. Marchon] has given me a vitality and hope after a life of food allergies, grueling insomnia, brain fog, anxiety, hyperthyroidism, and the list goes on.” CB

“It’s like I’m thinking out of a different brain. My thoughts are clear, my brain is sharp, and I feel like I’m a smart person again.” ML

“By week 5 my high blood pressure was normal, I no longer needed Ambien, I lost 10% of my body weight, and my A1C dropped from borderline diabetic to normal, ” KP

“I remember what it was like to be young again.” WK

You should take this workshop if you are ...

  • worried about diseases that science tells us are 75% or more preventable – heart disease, cancer, strokes, Alzheimer’s, diabetes… read more
  • living with health issues that are largely reversible and that many others have overcome.
  • disturbed that the USA’s health care system, the most expensive in the world, is ranked “worst in the developed world”, for the 5th time, and you want better for yourself and your family… read more
  • convinced you could improve your health but “eat better and exercise” just isn’t working for you


The goals of this workshop are...

The cornerstone of this workshop is to eliminate your existing health issues and prevent future issues by addressing your body’s needs at the cellular level. We use blood tests, BIA tests, self-assessment tests… read more


The specific topics we will cover are...

You will learn what I call “First Line Therapy” – how to give your body what it needs so it can prevent or eliminate most common health issues. But there’s a lot more than just learning.

This is a hands-on health clinic. We will have weekly action items that teach you to implement the concepts you learn in class. We will take you through these actions step by step, week by week, so you implement what you learn.

Your personalized 7-week program will be determined by your test results.

For a detailed agenda, read more


What does it cost?

The cost of the workshop is $1,977. This includes:

  • All lab fees and analysis fees for your blood test of 45 foundational First Line Therapy blood markers.
  • Complete analysis of several pages of self-assessment questions about symptoms, medical history, and brain assessment questions. (We have found that when we work with the brain and the body, it accelerates healing to both, even if you don’t have any brain-related symptoms)
  • A bioimpedance analysis test to measure your cellular health, toxicity, intracellular/extracellular water, and body composition.
  • A customized plan to feed your deficiencies, detoxify your body, rebuild your mineral reserves, and balance your microbiome.
  • A 20-minute private consult between you and Dr. Marchon to explain the details of your individual program.
  • 14 hours of live teaching (7 weeks at 2 hours per week). You can attend on-site or remotely with our interactive video conferencing.
  • Access to video recordings of each Workshop session
  • Access to mp3 audio recordings of each session so you can listen while you drive, exercise, etc.
  • Access to all presentation materials.
  • Access to the workshop’s Facebook Private page where you can get answers to your questions.

Weekly step-by-step action items designed to turn healthy lifestyle choices into habits. By the time the workshop ends, your action items will become habits that will keep you living a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Invite friends and family and get a discount. You will get $50 off for each friend who enrolls with you, and that friend will also get $50 off.

“Making the financial investment in the class was really about making an investment in myself, to acknowledge my value, and to care for myself.” JB


Aggressive Health Solutions 7-Week Hands-on Workshops

LocationDate and TimeEnroll in Workshop
The Historic Pinecrest Lodge, 201 Pinecrest Way, Palmer Lake, CO 80133Tuesdays 6-8 pm
Starts 1/28/20
Session Full

TBD, but probably at The Historic Pinecrest Lodge, 201 Pinecrest Way, Palmer Lake, CO 80133TBD, but hoping for Wednesdays 6-8 pm
Starts 5/13/20
RSVP to attend the first session
These are our currently scheduled, or still in progress, classes

If you can get a group of 20 people to enroll, I will teach this workshop at your home, business, church, etc.

Do you live too far away to attend the classes? Or maybe you travel a lot and will miss classes? About 20% of our students take this workshop remotely with our live videoconferencing so you can interact with the class from anywhere that has internet access. And, we have videotapes of each session so you never have to miss a class.

If you don’t take responsibility for your family’s health, who will?