Week 5 Action Items

  1. Continue with the previous homework   
    • Follow food recommendations
    • Stay hydrated
    • Keep toxins off your skin
  2. Continue with the brain exercises
  3. Continue following your personalized protocol. This is essential for optimizing your blood markers in a timely manner.
  4. Physical exercise: cardio, resistance training and stretching should now be a part of your daily activities. Exercise is helpful in so many ways. It builds your muscles, it strengthens your bones, it boosts your immune system, it oxygenates the brain, it works the basal ganglia (brain), it increases your self-image. Exercises has even been shown to increase your willpower. Don’t start too fast or too much if you have been a couch potato for months. Start slowly. If you’re getting sore muscles, you need to slow down your progress.
  5. If I mentioned glucose issues on your personalized protocol, buy a Glucose Monitor and learn to predict your blood glucose levels by following the Glucose Monitoring document in the Week 5 Download folder.

Is it finally sinking in that this program isn’t a temporary fad? It’s a complete lifestyle overhaul. The vast majority of those who have already taken this class and followed this program say they intend to continue with this lifestyle for the rest of their lives.  As one prior student put it “I feel a vitality I haven’t felt in years, and I will never go back to my old way of living”.

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