USA Health Care Report Card

Citizens of the USA are usually appalled when they find out how low our health care is ranked relative to other countries. We spend more than any other country in the world on our health care system. Here are our results:

  • The World Health Organization ranks us 36th in the world in terms of Healthy Adjusted Life Expectancy1, almost as good as Cuba (35th), Estonia (34th), and the Czech Republic (33rd).
  • The United Nations ranked us 43rd in Life Expectancy at Birth in their 2015 rankings2
  • The CIA ranked us 43rd in Life Expectancy at Birth in their 2017 rankings3
  • USA expected to rank 64th in Life Expectancy at Birth in their 2040 rankings12
  • The CIA ranked us 56th in Infant Mortality in their rankings as of July 201913
  • For the fifth time, the Commonwealth Fund ranked our health care the worst among all industrialized nations4
  • Alzheimer’s is up more than 700% in 33 years
  • Thyroid Cancer is up 300% in 37 years6
  • Autism is up 600% in the last 67 years7
  • Diabetes is up 600% in the last 56 years; up 70% in just the last 10 years8
  • Kidney/Pelvic Cancer is up 300% in the last 32 years9
  • High blood pressure up 60% in 10 years8
  • Breast Cancer is up 50% in the last 32 years9
  • Skin Cancer is up 300% in the last 35 years10
  • Childhood Obesity is up 300% in the last 37 years11


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