Don't just take my word for it...

Here's what those who have worked with us have to say.

I will say from personal experience... ...that it has been life changing. Food allergies that I had for most my life are no longer a problem, seasonal allergies and asthma are limited issues for everyone in my family, and the consciousness we have in choosing how to nourish our bodies is both connecting and life altering. I have been able to guide my children in making choices that attune to their body's needs which is something that will generate health for them throughout their lifetime. Making the financial investment... ...was really about making an investment in myself, to acknowledge my value, and to care for myself.

After six weeks of appointments, and with continued appointments, my 15 year old son has begun to reduce his insulin intake for Type I Diabetes. In the past, no matter the insulin amount, he always seemed to wake up in the morning with a high and unhealthy blood sugar level. After sessions for 4 weeks, and as we continue sessions, he has been waking up every constantly in the good range and normal blood sugar level 80-120.

"I had lost hope. I was depressed. It was overbearing to me. I couldn't absorb what I thought about. I had no life. It was constantly thinking about pain, burning... I was desperate.. and that's where I was at. I felt so desperate I tried everything and nothing was working. Before I would say my energy level was a one or a two. Now, I would say I'm an 8 to a 10. I feel great. I will never go back to how I ate before. I can feel the difference. It's night and day. For me, my body has radically changed within a year. It's amazing what she does."

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years. I thought I would take Dr. Marchon’s Aggressive Health Solution’s 7 week class to get healthier before we go in for Fertility Treatment. I found out that I had a bacterial infection, and was mal nourished, and anemic. On top of that I had problems with my blood glucose and had hypothyroidism. I lost 30lbs over the next 7 months, and learned to eat differently. I applied what Dr. Marchon taught us to do in class. We got pregnant with our baby boy within one year. I would recommend learning from Dr. Marchon, it works!

I just wanted to thank Dr. Marchon for teaching me about what is good nutrition and good health... ...by week 5 I had normal blood pressure which had been high, and I had way less acid reflux, and I was able to completely give up my Ambien, so I was sleeping really well, I haven't used it in a long time. My energy is really great, my weight at about week 5 had gone down about 10%, so that was very exciting. But the best point was my A1C had dropped from 5.8 which was borderline to 5.6.

I feel God led me to Dr. Marchon. She was such a breath of fresh air with her calm demeanor and encouraging words. She convinced me there is a different way to look at disease and healing. I have been working with her since 2018 and am happy to report I am cancer free and my thyroid disease is almost in remission. The candida is on its way out for good as well and I’m feeling great! Its been a long road and she has been there with me for every step.

I appreciate you asking and am thankful you all care about us so much! I did get pretty sick again but just attributed it to detoxing....but I am now feeling better than I have in years!!! It’s not so hard to say “no” to previous diet choices when you feel this good! Following Dr. Marchon’s protocol has been the BEST decision I’ve made for my health. I no longer have back spasms related to my autoimmune condition and rarely have eye migraines anymore. That’s huge, because I had so many spasms and eye migraines last winter many of my weekends were spent miserably in bed. I’ve made all of the changes a LIFESTYLE and I am so encouraged to just continue getting better. I’ve even lost about 10 lbs.

We live a fast paced life and have never paid too much attention to our health until my father suddenly got sick. I started paying attention to my health. Dr. Marchon checked my blood and taught me a different way to live: eating to live, not living to eat. I lost a lot of weight following her program. My blood sugar balanced out and all the dark hair that was growing all over my body, started fading. My periods became less painful and less clotty. For the last 7 years, my husband and I did want to have a baby. Once I got healthy, we got pregnant and had a wonderful little girl. I will continue to follow Dr. Marchon’s teaching for health.

Cholesterol numbers were always off the chart. Had a stroke. Went on Red Yeast Rice Q Caps for 9 months and got another blood test and this time cholesterol is perfect.  Doctor was shocked, said “it was like I hadn’t even had a stroke."

I am doing really well! The supplements that Shawn recommended for my chronic chest congestion have been effective. Also, my immune system is stronger; I haven’t had any health issues since my last appointment three months ago. Please convey my appreciation to her for her care!

I would say I could have been as low as a 3 [out of ten], and I feel almost like a 10 right now. It's been really helping. It was a privilege to find you. I thank God for you.

From birth to 13 years of age, my daughter wet the bed every night. We took her to numerous doctors including urologist, gynecologists, and sleep specialists. Every single doctor told us there was nothing they could do…. “maybe she’ll grow out of it.” After one session with Shawn, the bed-wetting stopped. We are so grateful!!

I started using my inhaler during the summer twice a day. When school started I was using my inhaler 5-6 times a day as well as several times at night. Once I started seeing Dr. Shawn I was able to decrease the use of the inhaler. I used it prophylactically before swimming then started experimenting with NOT using it at all. It has been 3 weeks and I have not used my inhaler once! On Thanksgiving Day we all played football and I didn’t have to use it! I have had no bad days since I stopped.

Since I’ve started coming here I've lost a total of 20 pounds. I'm becoming more active and I’m finally becoming the mom I used to be. No longer in bed all day. I’m enjoying life! I’ve also learned a new way of baking and cooking that healthier for my family and they're starting to join me on this new adventure.

"I'm not skinny... but I feel skinny. I feel thin -- I look in the mirror and I know I"ve got a long way to go - I look at the numbers and I know I have a long way to go, but I feel thin. ANd I've felt fat for YEARS now. When I walk down the hall in the lab, I'm rude, because I can't go slow. Everyone sort of wanders around the hall, and I feel need to just keep moving quickly. I've got energy. I remember what it's like to be a kid again."

My daughter who was an insomniac is sleeping!!!!! She is also dreaming with no more nightmares! She goes to bed between 10 and 11 and sleeps through the night. She is also having a flood of memories, of all the fun things we did together as a family when she was little. Chatting nonstop about it. It is truly like a blindfold has been removed. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

I've just gotten over having issues with liver and kidneys, so that was a miraculous improvement there. It was a serious issue. [Blood markers] are now within the normal range, so that was a gigantic change.

Cough is 100% gone. Extreme esophagus pain which was off and on of two years has decreased significantly, also there are days with no pain at all. Big Improvement. Energy has increased. Substantial difference from always taking naps and being fatigued. Used to not be able to function if I didn’t take a nap every day, I now take about three naps per week. Husband has seen a dramatic change in me. My sleep was horrible. Had to take Melatonin twice 2 am and 4 am, when I woke up id be groggy, by 11 am id go back to bed. Now I fall asleep with no melatonin if I wake up I’m back to sleep within 10 minutes. What Dr’s could not do in 2 years with meds I am better after 7 sessions.

I've always had like little bumps on my skin. ...Ever since I switched to this diet that's improved. These bumps I've had on my arm for a while, since I was like 10 years old, those are starting to disappear. When I'm at the gym, before I would have kind of shoulder pain and tennis elbow symptoms, and sometimes my knee would hurt when I'm doing squats or some of those other leg exercises. But, since I've been on the program, I've really noticed (I always am careful with my elbow because I don't want to injure it - or my shoulder) but nothing, not even like a twinge. The inflammation has gone down.

Hi Shawn just wanted to let you know I just noticed today that the wart on my finger that I have been trying to get rid of for more than 6 years (including injections, burning, freezing, etc.) is completely gone!!!! I am amazing and so very grateful! I wanted to share the good news and thank you again for working with me!

Every session I come to is like a breath of fresh air. Being around you is healing alone. You are such a blessing to me and my mom. We’re so glad God brought you to us. We have both healed so much, and we aren’t even done! Thank you so much.

Here are some testimonial letters written from past patients to Dr. Marchon. We have removed sensitive details for our patients privacy. 

I owe my deepest gratitude to Dr. Schuler for partnering with God and my family in our quest for heath. I feel indebted to her for the sacrifices she has made. She has educated herself for over a decade and a half. She has worked tirelessly to share her God-given gift as a healer. She has worked with my daughter, ######, my daughter #####, and myself with wonderful results. 

  • My oldest daughter ##### fell ill when she was 13 years old. She went from being a strong, vibrant and athletic girl to being sick in bed every single day, almost all day. This went on day after day, week after week and finally year after year. We tried various medical and alternative treatments to no avail.

After three years of her illness, we started to see Dr. Schuler. The results from Dr. Schuler were superior to any other route we had tried. From the very beginning, we began to feel hope. My daughter’s healing came gradually. It was wonderful to realize her symptoms were leaving. Her body aches, sore throats, pain and insomnia were leaving. Dr. Schuler was loving, caring and focused on #####’s health. To date, I would say #####is functioning at about 75% of her capacity and she has gained a life back. She has friends again and she is able to attend full-time school. My heart is full when I think of the progress ##### has made.

  • My second daughter, ####, was diagnosed with viral spinal meningitis two years ago. Following this, #### had a low immune system and she suffered from intermittent insomnia.  It affected her school attendance and energy levels.  After her first half dozen appointments, I noticed that her insomnia had nearly disappeared.
  • I began to see Shawn for some hormone issues. I believed I would be facing surgery within 6 months to a year if something didn’t improve. My issue had a speedy recovery. It is astounding. Throughout my sessions, Dr. Schuler has been generous with her knowledge. She has taught me about herbs, juicing, diet and exercise that will benefit me and my family. Once again, I owe Dr. Schuler a deep gratitude.

It is a courageous and bold thing to serve people who have difficult health cases. She does so with a deep faith and a positive outlook.  Because of her, our family is leading a much higher quality of life.

We love her for it.



Hi _____, _____ and _____!

This birthday letter isn’t like all your others. For one, this is the first time I’m giving you each an identical letter. Also, I didn’t write _____’s 10-year letter, _____’s 8-year letter, or _____’s 7-year letter. In ____ I completely skipped writing letters!

I asked myself why I skipped writing them the other night, while I was beginning to write your birthday letters. At first I was disappointed in myself for skipping such a special tradition. Then I had a really BIG realization. But before I tell you about the realization, let’s back up a little bit…

As you know, I became really sick when ##### was one year old. It started with a sickness called Mononucleosis, but even after the Mono was no longer active, I was still really sick. For the next 9 YEARS I battled illness. There were good days and seasons, but most of the time I was really, really tired and weak and in a lot of pain. No doubt you remember all the things I couldn’t do with you and how often I lay in bed, on the couch, or even on the floor. I saw more doctors than I can remember, trying to find out what made me so sick and trying to get better. Even after a doctor discovered that I had Lyme disease, and even after intense antibiotic treatments to battle the disease, I didn’t get better. Those 9 years were so hard for our whole family. I did my best to fight for hope and to believe that the Lord was taking care of me, but I didn’t know if I would get better. Although I didn’t like to admit it to myself, deep inside I feared that I was dying.

Then, in August I began to see a new doctor. She used magnets and diet and prayer to treat my body. She believed that God wanted me to get better and she continually prayed for it. And slowly, but very surely, I began to get better! When your birthdays came in November and January, I was months into my program and getting stronger every day. I was beginning to believe that I was going to be healed! No longer did I have a buried fear that I was dying. Instead, I was coming alive again!

This brings us to that BIG realization I mentioned at the beginning of this letter. I didn’t write letters last year because in the fall and winter I no longer feared that I was dying! In the past I wanted your birthday letters to be perfect and I wanted to say just the right things in case I didn’t live long enough to parent the “older” you. I wanted my words and my legacy to live on through the letters. But last year, I was beginning to heal. I was daring to believe that I would live to be an old grandma, and that I wouldn’t have to leave my legacy on paper. So as the fall and winter crept by, I allowed myself to forget to write your letters. There was no longer an urgency to get my words on paper because instead I was hoping to live them out. I believed that when each of you become teenagers, I would be growing right alongside you. And I still believe this today, even more so!

Kids, this is a BIG DEAL! This is a total paradigm shift! This has the fingerprints of our Heavenly Father all over it! This is a MIRACLE! This is life! This is hope! This is healing!

Will I keep writing your birthday letters? I plan to! But from now on, I’m going to write them to be read right away. There’s no need to wait until you’re a teenager to share my thoughts on your awesomeness and on my hopes for you.

Am I completely healed yet? No. But I’m healing and I’m rejoicing over how far I’ve come. I’m hoping and believing and fighting to live FULLY ALIVE FOR GOD’S GLORY. God gave me these words as a promise in ____, long before I believed them. I’m still growing to understand the promise, and I’m loving the journey. I’m so thankful to be journeying alongside all three of you as you grow into the people God has made you to be!

I adore you, _____, _____ and _____!

Fully Alive for His Glory




When I was almost 14 I was dancing a ton and going to school and one day it all collapsed. I got really really sick. I had a fever and a sore throat and a bloody nose and a headache and then I tested positive for mono in January. I stayed in bed for a few weeks and was expecting it go away. I got tested again in July and it came back positive again, in addition to this my blood work showed I had some other low vitamin levels and my thyroid tested low. I was able to go to school a few hours a week and didn’t have to be in bed all the time but it was a very different quality of life than the previous year. I carried on like this for a long time. I started going to naturopathic doctors and cut out gluten and dairy of my diet. This carried on for a few years. I carried on with chronic symptoms. I didn’t know what was wrong. None of the Drs I saw thought I was that sick. In December I had given up hope that I would ever get all the way better. My parents were praying; I was praying and we went down this path where we thought I had lyme disease. The coolest part of the experience: I randomly went into this gluten-free donut restaurant and that’s where I met XXXXX who had been with Shawn. She randomly mentioned that she had been dealing with lyme disease, so I sat down with her to ask her what she had been doing. She told me to go to Shawn and she gave me her card and I really felt that it was right and to me that was the craziest. I was really led to Shawn by the Lord, it was completely by chance that I found out about her and it really resonated with me that I should be going to her. My mom was skeptical about it. She suggested that we had been to many Naturopathic Drs that didn’t work and perhaps we should start getting on antibiotics.

When I started going to Shawn everything came full circle and I really understood that it was the right thing to do. Even though I didn’t just go in and magically heal within one month. I just knew that what she was doing was working, I hadn’t felt like that with any other Dr, and I’ve been to plenty of them.  Shawn is a woman of God and I know that she really listens to Him and prays often and when you are being led by the Lord with the same tenacity that she has then you are going to be led down the right path. I really trust her. Now I am much better. Most of my symptoms are gone. Insomnia is gone, stomach aches are gone, back pain (which was severe) gone, joint pain gone, neck pain gone, headaches all gone, my face is much more clear then when I came in, I have more energy which is huge, no more bloody noses or sore throat (that I would wake up every morning with). The cool thing is even if I wasn’t getting any treatments from Shawn, just the amount of knowledge that she has imparted on me is something I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. I also think that Shawn’s way is faster than the medical industry.  People spend so much money on the “medical way” and they don’t get results. I could easily see myself spending another year and not getting anywhere if I didn’t find Shawn. For something that works, I’m willing to take time and energy doing it. This works. Most Drs have never been chronically ill themselves so they don’t understand what it is like which makes it harder for them to treat. Shawn was the first Dr that treated what I have for what it is. The magnets make a lot of sense and I like how she uses supplements in such an educated way. I’ve taken hundreds of supplements and Shawn is the first person to actually look at a supplement, check it out, makes sure it works, and if it doesn’t she changes direction. She understands what is going on in my body.

In conclusion, I can add my testimony to the many others in this clinic that this is a true way of healing. Shawn is a wonderful person who is an instrument in the hand of the Lord when it comes to healing. To anyone who feels skeptical about the process, I would invite them to take a moment and pray. One of my favorite hymns says,

Let the Holy Spirit Guide, Let him teach us what is true. He will testify of Christ, Light our mind with Heaven’s view.

If you feel that the spirit is guiding you towards Shawn, don’t give up. You will be blessed with the strength you need to persevere on the journey towards health. 




Several years back I found myself gaining weight for no apparent reason and wondering what was amiss in my 25 year “young” body. I knew things were not as they should be but didn’t have the knowhow to get better. I asked, or begged, the LORD to heal me for my “Christmas Present” even though He deserved the “present” since it was HIS birthday. Little did I know that He would take my prayers very seriously and answer them by taking me through a journey that would involve twists and turns I’d never expected with Dr. Shawn and her daughter, Brianna Schuler as the facilitators and vessels of my ultimate healer, JESUS! It was not a fun process…rife with moments of feeling I was gonna lose it emotionally too losing my marbles, but Shawn and Bri and Jesus kept me together and I am super thankful for them all. With several months down after stopping and moving to another state, I can say that although not all of my issues are a total thing of the past, they are definitely moving in that direction as I continue to walk in the principles that I learned through Dr. Shawn, physically, emotionally, dietarily and spiritually. Jesus is healer and He uses medicine, love, faith and courageous people willing to lay their life down for others to “do the trick” or more like, administer HIS life giving healing and presence as He did with the Schulers. I am thankful to be a “NORMAL” person again…as in to have energy to pursue the things I love, to exercise full tilt, to share the wealth of knowledge I received in my two years (give or take) under Shawn to help them regain health. Under Shawn, I was able to lose the weight I had gained from toxicity and inflammation, figure out the roots of my illness and work toward replenishing my body of the lost nutrients from the years of compromised digestion. I am still learning and implementing the tools gained and know that health is a lifestyle not a pill and thus will pursue this lifestyle the rest of my life to empower myself and others to do what God has called them to do.

From myself to her current and future clients, you have been endowed with a great blessing to be under the care of my doctor and friend, Shawn Schuler and her daughter and mentee Bri Schuler. Shawn knows a lot; but, best of all she knows a big big GOD who cares for you through her and knows what got you where you are and how to get you out~ I pray that you regain your youth, vitality and everything that GOD has put in you…YOUR HOPE for His future in you and call for your life as HIS chosen child. BE blessed! YOU are loved and you are in good hands!!



My toast to Marchon Schuler

Just a few weeks ago, my seven-year-old son ran and jumped into my arms and I carried him upstairs. As I snuggled up next to him to read a book, he said, “You know, a year ago you wouldn’t have been able to do that.” Wow! He was absolutely right! This is a testament to how far I’ve come on this roller coaster of a health journey. Dr. Marchon Schuler has stabilized and strengthened me. She’s given me vitality and hope after a life of food allergies, throwing up, grueling insomnia, severe constipation and cramping, acne, brain fog, all over body aches, anxiety, hyperthyroidism, hormonal imbalance and the list goes on and on. I am 43 and at 27, I threw in the towel with Western medicine as they kept treating symptoms and I kept getting worse. I’ve tried naturopaths, nutritionists, and chiropractors and still I have struggled never getting to the root causes of my symptomology. This last year has been particularly rough as my two kids, many times over, would watch me crying uncontrollably and shaking in corners as my body went into shock.

It was most certainly of divine intervention that I found Shawn. From the moment I stepped foot into the clinic, the fear that unabatedly filled my head and heart was inexplicably replace with a peace and hope. This peace and hope washed over me, despite my hundreds of previous futile attempts at trying to find answers. Marchon has guided me with kid gloves taking me baby step by baby step to regain my stability and vitality. My body was so sensitive and Marchon recognized that my journey would have to be inch by inch, gently increasing slowly so as to bring my body out of its shocked state. Each step, however minuscule, even just minutes with the Biomagnets and zappers yielded extraordinary results. Her unyielding encouragement and the testimony of her own sickness and restoration, as well as many of her clients, kept me going. If Marchon would have let me, I would have moved in…I was so desperate for the continual support, the compassion and sympathy that spurred on my hope! Sometimes I still count down the hours and minutes until I know I have an appointment with Shawn, knowing that our interaction will be exactly what I need because I feel so alone. It’s difficult for others without this experience to understand my journey and often they question my choice to heal this way. Even when I know deep in my heart I am on the right path, doubt does seep in but Shawn is always quick to console, sympathize, educate and cheer me on.

I cry tears of triumph and gratitude each morning because I am on the road to recovery. Shawn has taught me so much, addressing all my questions, teaching me how to make Hippocrates soup and soaking, and blending cashews to make butter. She sneaks in tidbits here and there gently about herbs or preparing my liver to truly cleanse. I have learned so much from her 6-week detox class as well, which I was able to watch online. Shawn is brilliant and an astonishing wealth of resources and knowledge. She has been a guardian angel and my appreciation, respect and kudos for her are and will always be unrelenting! 




I wanted to write about my experience at Health Restored as a Thank You to Shawn and Bri.  The month I went there (almost daily) was a magnificent episode in my life that I truly miss. I am sure it was a small glimpse of what heaven might be like – the soothing smells, soft lighting, peaceful background music, kindness, compassion – all made it a lovely opportunity. It was wonderful to be prayed for by Shawn and feel Holy Spirit Presence. I also loved hearing her quietly pray for the other clients; I often found myself laying there and praying for the many others in the room as well.

My story: I was diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer in the fall. After speaking with Shawn for a while (as well as a myriad of doctors), I decided to have the tumor removed and have no radiation therapy. Instead I begin a strict schedule of Green Drink, Hippocrates soup, coffee enemas, homeopathy, and magnet therapy – this all began the end of October. We decided to crunch everything into a short time span because I had a trip to Nepal planned in the spring (yes, I went and it was just in time to survive the earthquake). I must admit, I was totally obsessive with the regime Shawn had me on – EVERYTHING organic and NO dairy, soy, fermented products, gluten, yeast, baking soda/powder, etc. And NO CHEATING! I was also walking daily and had a lot of energy J     BTW, I still eat 99% like this.

On November 19th I wrote an email to many friends and family about  how amazing I was feeling throughout my body detox, as well as the spiritual journeys Holy Spirit was taking me through for even more intimate encounters with our Father.

Then on November 26th the day before Thanksgiving, as I was having my usual Biomagnetic sessions, Brianna noticed that all my points she checked were linking up at zeroes.  She went and brought Shawn in my room with the words, “I think a miracle is happening in the next room.” And it was! As Shawn re-checked all my points she and I were in tears praising God! All my numbers (which some had been very high) were at zero. God completely healed me and I am so thankful He used Shawn to be a part of it.   Not only that, but what a magnificent blessing to call her a dear friend! 



I have had VERY bad allergies every summer for the last 23 years. I would sneeze and blow my nose constantly and my eyes were red and extremely itchy. I went to two different allergy specialists in the last several years, but neither one helped me. I went to one Allergy Specialist, two years ago, for 15 visits at $75/visit but still had no relief. I tried homeopathic remedies, local honey, over the counter drugs, herbs, special diets, but nothing helped.

Marchon began working with me with Biomagnetics in late winter. I am not yet through with my sessions, but my allergies are completely gone! They usually start in mid-June, peak in mid-July, and then fade away around mid-August. I had my first allergy-free summer in 23 years, without drugs, without any special diet, without any special treatment except the Biomagnetics!!!



Dear Dockter [sic] Shawn,

Thank you so much for help healing my mamma. God bless you in your work. – Love the S kids. 


Over the last couple of years, I have had different stomach issues. These issues have caused a lot of problems in school and activities. Since I have started these sessions, I have had less and less symptoms. As of now, I am feeling great without any pain!

My daughter who was an insomniac is sleeping!!!!! She is also dreaming with no more nightmares! She goes to bed between 10 and 11 and sleeps through the night. She is also having a flood of memories, of all the fun things we did together as a family when she was little. Chatting nonstop about it. It is truly like a blindfold has been removed. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!-VT

When I started with Shawn she came to my house because I was in such poor condition. I was 34 years old and my health had been interfering with my life since 1999. For the first 10 years of my journey I had been to dozens and dozens of medical doctors and several medical specialists. There was nothing specific ever found, just medicine prescribed for my symptoms. My health deteriorated through the years until 2007 when I was put on medical leave from work hoping that removing the stress would help improve my health. I still felt bad.

This is when I started exploring the natural health world. I made dietary changes and started taking supplements. At one point, one of the natural doctors had me on over 24 pills, 3 times a day. I had very little improvement symptom-wise but with this support for my body I was finally able to get pregnant after 18 months of trying. Two pregnancies and two kids later I was in bad condition. I was so grateful to have the life I had always dreaming about, the husband, the kids, the dream house, but could not get out of bed or engage the way I wanted to. More searching, more doctors, more pills, more supplements, more money.

Finally I made a day trip down to Arizona to a clinic where they painfully extracted over 2 dozen vials of blood. My blood was so thick and my veins so delicate that I took over 2 hours and many blown veins to finish the job. This blood work led to a diagnosis! Lyme Disease. The cost of treatment was astronomical and the reviews were not great. My husband and I spent the next weekend in prayer about what to do and it was the following Monday morning that our prayers were answered.

Shawn had a background in natural healing. He told her about my diagnosis and the treatment option in Arizona.  She offered to see me. So that leads this story back to the house call.

As Shawn sat at the table with me, my skin tone was dull and gray and the energy that it took to listen and talked wiped me out for the remainder of the day. My symptoms included spots in my vision, my hair was falling out, my energy and strength were low, I had headaches, acne, muscle weakness and aches, I was constantly nauseous, I was dizzy and lightheaded often, my body would not absorb nutrients, my belly was bloated, my mind was fuzzy, I had ringing in my ears, my joints were swollen and achy, my mood was negative, and I couldn’t not handle any amount of stress. (This is just my condensed symptom list!) I had pulled out of almost all social activities because I could not predict when I would be sick or have enough energy to take part in life.

We started with diet and began to encourage my body to heal. It took 4 months of eating Hippocrates soup, fish, fresh veggies, daily fresh vegetable juice, and fresh fruits for my body to start to show signs of functioning. There were some other remedies that we used to support my health but these were minimal because my body was so sensitive. For the remainder of 2013 I continued to feed my body nutritious food with minimal junk but was still experiencing the symptoms of a sick person.

In January I started my Biomagnetism journey with Shawn. I can look back now and see what a great blessing this program would be for me and my family. My initial scan showed over 300 points and Lyme disease wasn’t even the biggest problem. It looked like such a long road ahead. I committed myself and went to sessions two days a week for two hours each day. At the beginning Shawn and I would celebrate the littlest amount of change and watched the little successes turn into bigger ones. The encouragement and support from Shawn made a huge difference in my life. She listened to my body and planned my sessions accordingly. The healing prayers from Shawn are a huge part of my success story.

I am encouraged that I no longer have headaches, nausea, or bowel issues. My energy level and skin clarity and color are completely improved. I can now plan and spend a day out with my family and still have energy at the end of the day.

This journey hasn’t been the easiest and I wouldn’t have written my life script this way but I am forever grateful to God for strengthening me and bringing me through this journey and including Shawn in my healing. It’s a very freeing and exciting feeling to not have health hold me down any longer. 



Dr. Shawn-

I sincerely don’t remember a time in my 41 years that I felt such vibrant energy. Even in my teenage years I felt bogged down and although my body was young I felt “grey”. Today I feel every color of the rainbow.  Sure, I am still in a cycle of healing but the bad days are nothing compared to the momentum I feel towards a life with energy, clarity of mind and spirit, and genuine appreciation for the miracles God can do in the body.

For 21 years I have suffered with hypothyroid issues. I really have never felt like it was under control and have always had vague symptoms. The latest symptom, arthritic hands, required my Primary Care Manager (PCM) to do an inflammation panel. These blood tests indicated I was positive for Lupus. This came as a complete shock to me. I had been on a wellness journey for several years and had cut out most inflammation causing foods. My friends considered me to be the last person they would expect to get an autoimmune disease. Needless to say it shocked me to the core.

God led me straight to your door Dr. Shawn and I am so grateful! Many “experts” love to show their knowledge and “fix” the problem at hand. What I absolutely love about you is your humility and your gentleness. You seem to know exactly what NOT to say when someone is spiraling in dis-ease. Although I wasn’t near as sick as most-I felt totally helpless and hopeless. A ten minute conversation with you sparked my hope and I’ve never looked back. During my encounters with you I realized that God really does want us to have an inheritance of complete and vibrant health your method works in a powerful way and not only heals the big issues but re-informs the body how to manage itself.

Shawn, you have the most powerful prayers! I’ve learned a lot about that aspect of my life as well through your clinic. I love the way you communicate with God and I see the powerful way He uses you. I know what the calling is on my life and it was nearly impossible to obey as unwell as I had become. Your obedience to Gods call has made it possible for me to activate and answer His call as well.

My healing journey took 4 months. I must tell you that the first month or so when I only came once a week for a session was too slow a pace for me. Once I started coming for double sessions a few times a week I noticed a huge improvement. Not only did I avoid many of the “withdrawal” symptoms around 6th day but I felt like any symptoms I did experience were easily flushed away with the next session. Additionally, I had a wonderful momentum towards healing! I knew that I was committing a large portion of money to complete my protocol and I simply committed whatever it took. No budgeting required! I also invested many, many hours a week. I was constantly in a healing mode and the momentum was amazing!

God bless you Dr. Shawn. 



My brain patterns feel different.  It’s like I’m thinking out of a different brain. My thoughts are clear my brain is sharp and I feel like I’m actually a smart person. I can pull up information at my fingertips I never have before. I am constantly positive now too.

Usually if I’m late to work Id feel very stressed out and it makes me physically exhausted. This weekend I was 4 hours late because of certain circumstances and was able to work fine I was not stressed about little things that I usually am. I feel like a different person. I feel like I can accomplish so much more. Health is such a precious gift. I feel like I finally have a taste of what good health feels like. I have never been this happy in my whole life. My health, my job, my marriage; I’m enjoying life. I can hardly believe how good everything is now. When I get tired I feel like I can sleep and rest it’s a good kind of tired, a relaxed kind of tired vs. how I used to be stressed and worn out and feeling ill.

At work I had only half the time to do a whole list of things and I didn’t feel crammed or upset I was able to knock them all out. My memory has never worked before. Usually when I remember something I would have to do it right away or I wouldn’t remember again. But now I feel secure in my memory that I will remember things and I’m not stressed about it anymore. I really feel like a different me. I was telling my husband it’s so hard when you feel slow, stupid, inferior, you can tell that other people are picking up on that and I hated that, used to cry all the time about it. Now comparing to two years ago when I first started coming here I feel like a smart person just as smart as the next. -ML

When I started this new Journey of healing, I was pretty much bed ridden. I was in severe pain, the headaches were unbearable. I felt like my body was literally shutting down. I was unable to do the things I loved, including caring for my family the way I used to. Since I’ve started this new program God has dramatically healed me. The headaches rarely come now and I’m active again. I’m also emotionally healthier and my relationship with God has changed in a good way. I feel close to Him and He has comforted me during the hard times in the sessions. I praise Him for the healing he has already given me and I’m excited for the health that is still coming.

When I came to Shawn I was blue in color my hands and feet yellow, riddled with inflammation. As we went through the testing with the magnets she found every sort of illness; from fungus to virus to bacteria and parasites. Later she told me it looked like I had been poisoned. Though I experienced all kinds of healing crisis and had many mini battles along the way, I have seen great improvement from improved breathing to most of the yellow in my skin being gone. Increased eye sight, improved memory, softer hydrated skin, etc… The enzyme I believe really helped cleanse my blood and improved my skin and I’ve seen how sessions are so effective. The green drink and lemon water also accelerates the healing process- less healing crisis and more improvement!! Lastly, be faithful in the diet strictly!! That makes a huge difference in efficiency. 



I went conventional medicine for 11 months, was on antibiotics for 11 months. There was no end game for me. The symptoms were always there, never dissipated. My symptoms were brain fag, exhaustion, confusion, anxiety and sleeplessness. Since I’ve been seeing Shawn, for one month, I have none of the above symptoms I mentioned. I am able to run my business 100% of the time. This is a great feeling.

I have only had one session(my second was today). When I came down your stairs this afternoon, I noticed less pain in my knees… I even walked straight down the stairs facing forward (I have been having to go sideways, one step at a time to avoid pain for as long as I can remember). You haven’t even worked directly on my knees yet. 



I would like for you to share my testimonial so far after only being with you for 5 weeks.  I came to Dr. Schuler after being on prescription drugs for 6mos. was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease and several co-infections. Have had problems my whole life with stomach issues, anxiety, depression, concentration issues, and having multiple bacteria’s, fungus, and viruses going on in the body that were attacking me. The first day I saw her I had dropped 11lbs, lost half my hair, not absorbing any food, feeling poisoned every time I ate, brain fog, feeling drunk or out of it, my organs shutting down, pale, and extremely toxic. My body was poisoning itself. After the first visit to 5wks later I have not felt the toxic, drunk, brain fog feeling. Each appointment I felt my immune system getting stronger and stronger. Gained 7lbs in 5 weeks. My overall vitality is stronger and stronger. Can carry a conversation and not feel out of it or forget every other word I was saying. I had twitching going on in my face and eyes and that has gone away. My outlook on life is much more positive and more positive thoughts come to my mind. Used to have full on anxiety attacks and have not had any of them since starting with her. I can eat and not feel like someone is poisoning me. No more burning in stomach. Less cold/turning purple attacks. Not having to lie down and take naps barely at all anymore. I’m more and more feeling like a normal person. I’m so thankful and grateful for finding Dr. Schuler. She saved my life and turning my life around completely. Becoming a completely different person from the inside out and not from the outside in. Thank you.



I have always had pain in my wrists. Not being able to lift weights. After a few sessions now I can lift 70 pounds. I’m able to go back to baking and cleaning and lifting weights every other day. My pain is not as severe.



When I very first came to Dr. Shawn’s, I was sick, couldn’t focus. I was having mood swings; they were getting worse and worse. My vitality was like a 0, I could not hang out with friends, and I was tired and not hungry. Then I came to Shawn’s and through this process I saw my vitality grow. I got my appetite back. I can hang out with my friends. I can think straight and make decisions well. I was impulsive in my thought patterns; I am now able to concentrate and am not having mood swings. My vitality is now 80-90%. I had migraines 1-2 times per year; I have not got a headache since, and I’m sleeping better. In a nutshell-this program has allowed me to move into independence. 



My son, age 8, has struggled mightily since an adverse reaction to MMR vaccine and a short stay in the hospital at 15 months old. I brought him in 2 weeks ago for tremendous brain fog, excessive weight gain, hyperactive behavior and many other vague symptoms. He was one week from testing for his black belt and I needed to figure out how to help him. He could not remember the most basic request and was unable to remember the curriculum to progress toward the black belt test. Today, 3 sessions later he remembers all his forms (black belt), has clear thinking and no longer has an insatiable appetite. Praise God! And, thank you—I have a new kid!



_____ gave his testimony at church Sunday.  He said he can think like a man that God has called him to be now after seeing an ND [Marchon Schuler].  Before he could not work now he works, now he is thinking about the future. —FV 


Diagnosed with Lime Disease.

 I went conventional medicine for 11 months, was on antibiotics for 11 months. There was no end game for me.  The symptoms were always there, never dissipated. My symptoms were brain fag, exhaustion, confusion, anxiety and sleeplessness.  Since I’ve been seeing Shawn, for one month, I have none of the above symptoms I mentioned.  I am able to run my business 100% of the time.  This is a great feeling.