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If you want to get on track with your health and healing journey using natural medicine, regardless of what your conventional doctors have done or said, then Marchon is the person to reach out to.” Dr. Shilpa Bhouraskar, Founder of Holistic Pregnancy and Conception Summit, 2/27/20

“Thank you so much for your talk to our group. It was truly an inspirational meeting and you are an inspiration as well. I have received such positive feedback – we need to invite you back to speak” Linda Guiberson, Holistic Moms Network South Denver Chapter Leader, www.HolisticMoms.org, 2/10/20


Thank you for your interest in me as a speaker. I have a message that everyone needs to hear – if you give your body what it needs and remove its roadblocks to healing, it will heal itself. Your lifestyle choices affect your health much more than your genetics. Science tells us all of the leading cause-of-death diseases are 70% to 95% preventable. I will teach your audience how to prevent them at the cellular level. If your audience needs more than “eat better and exercise”, please contact me.


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