General Consulting Rate: $120/hr

Prorated, so a 15 minute consult would be $30, etc.


Initial Biomagnetic Consultation:  $500.

Includes a 2-3 hour appointment where we will do: a full body scan; a complete symptomology interview; extended time for you to ask questions; and a Bioimpedance Analysis test.  After the appointment I will combine all of this information into a personalized plan.  If necessary, ongoing Biomagnetic sessions will be charged at $120 per session.  People who had chemo or radiation treatment in the last 18 months are not candidates for biomagnetics.  People with pacemakers are not candidates for biomagnetics.  Please do not wear loose fitting shoes, sandals, or shoes without toes.


Biomagnetic Appointments: $120.

Includes a 5-point biomagnetic treatment and a quad-harmonic zapper treatment.  Appointments usually takes about 1 hr and 10 minutes.


Initial Homeopathic Consultation: $500.

Includes a 2-hour personal health review session; several hours of offline analysis to determine which homeopathic remedy is necessary.  This is a constitutional remedy, not an acute remedy to treat an individual symptom like you would find in the local health store.  Remedy will be provided along with one  15-minute follow-up session for treatment review.  Bimonthly review sessions are recommended as necessary for the first six months of treatment.  Recommended treatment duration will depend upon the specifics of your body.  Follow-up appointments are generally 15 to 30 minutes and billed at the general consulting rates.


Acute Biomagnetic Session: $120.

Includes one 45-minute session with 5 pairs of medical strength neodymium magnets and one 10-minute Quad Harmonic session.  We typically target specific areas of weakness and strengthening the immune system.


Hair Analysis: $120

Includes the lab work, the hair analysis report, and a 30-minute consult to go over the results of the test.


Bioimpedance Analysis Test: $50.

Includes the test and a 15-minute consult to go over the results of the test.


Payment is due when services are rendered.  We accept personal checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards.