Maximum Immune Support Kit

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Bundle includes:

C19P(M) 30c: Homeopathic Remedy specifically designed to support your body through the Pfizer or Moderna COVID vaccination process.

Thuja 30c: Homeopathic Remedy designed to stimulate your immune system in specific ways to deal with xenobiotics (substances foreign to your body).

Liqua-D (click for more details): Supports immune system

Zinc-Zyme (click for more details): Supports enzymatic function

Ascorbyl Palmitate (click for more details): Targeted brain protection

Super Methyl-SP (click for more details):  Extra potent methylated B-vitamin

Ultra Potent C Powder (click for more details): Powdered vitamin C to help boost your immune system

(2) ClearVite-CLA (click for more details): Supports the intestines, liver detoxication, sugar metabolism, gastrointestinal function and muscular system, as well as skin, hair, nail, and joint health.

(2) Resvero-XL (click for more details): Supports the immune system, the gastrointestinal system, and metabolic pathways with a concentrated source of resveratrol in a micronized emulsification.

(2) Turmero-XL (click for more details): Supports the supplemental uptake and circulation of curcumin, designed to promote the immune system.

As well as detailed instructions documenting the most effective ways to get as much of an immune system boost as possible from these products.