Eye Isometric Drills

Eye Isometrics

The purpose of this drill is to stretch and strengthen the
important muscles that move your eyes. While doing these exercises, we are
going to separate eye movement from head movement.

Set-Up: Standing in a comfortable position, balanced and relaxed; using a
finger, pen, etc. as a target held at arm’s length in front of your nose.
• While keeping your head as still as possible, move the visual target to
your right as far as possible while following it with your eyes
• When you reach the maximum comfortable distance, keep your eyes
fixed on the target and hold the position for 5 seconds
• Repeat for 5 seconds in each of the following directions:
o Eyes right
o Eyes left
o Eyes up
o Eyes down
o Eyes up & right (diagonal)
o Eyes down & left (diagonal)
o Eyes up & left (diagonal)
o Eyes down & right (diagonal)

Words and graphic taken from the Human Performance & Rehabilitation, Colorado Springs Center