Carrot-Apple Juice

One of my detox students asked a question that has some generic advice for all of us: “I have a question regarding my carrot/apple juice. I‘ve been making it with half apple and half carrot. Is that the right combination or am I to do mostly carrot with some apple?”

Caveat: Apple/carrot juice is something we do in the advanced detox class so unless you’re doing an advanced detox, you should not be drinking carrot juice.You should only be juicing carrots if your body is strong. Carrot juice has an affinity for the liver and we don’t want to detox the liver if it’s still early in our health journey. Carrot mixed 50/50 with apple juice is common for detoxing the gallbladder. The pectin in the apples soften the liver and softens gallstones, which is important to do if your gallbladder is congested.

Even though carrot juice and apple juice are both considered low glycemic index foods when we eat them, whenever we drink the juice without the fiber it has the potential to spike our blood sugar. If you are drinking pure carrot juice, or pure apple juice, or a combination of the two, you should always be concerned about your blood sugar. Test your blood sugar with a glucose monitor 20-30 minutes after drinking your juice. If your blood sugar goes above 120, you should either drink your juice slower, or drink less juice in one sitting.

If you don’t have a glucose monitor, I suggest you get one. They are very useful for understanding how your body responds to the specific foods you eat. But, until you do get one, just to be safe I recommend you avoid drinking more than 8 ounces of apple, or carrot, or any combination of the two, in any 1 hour period.