Flu and Respiratory Illness – Supporting Your Body and Boosting Your Immune System

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The following should be done at the first sign of sickness.

Nutraceuticals (Vitamins)

Apex Energetics:  Zinc Zyme:  Zinc glycinate Or Zinc Arginate.  Adults, up to 30 mg daily during acute sickness.  Kids:  15 mg max during acute sickness.

Apex Energetics:  X-Viromin: onset of virus.  Supports immune system.

Apex Energetics: Ultra-D 5000: Take 2000 IU’s daily. Supports immune system and supports inflammation within the body. This can be taken preemptively to, as well as during, sickness.

Metagenics:  Ultra Potent Vitamin C powder:  1/8th teaspoon every hour until stomach becomes gassy and stools become loose then reduce dose down by one hour and hold.

Continue dosing immune supports for a minimum of 5 days after disappearance of symptoms.

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Herbal Anti-Viral:  Organic

Pau d’Arco tea drink liberally in tea form. Add these to 16 ounces of boiling water:

Black Walnut: 1 -3 TBS

Chaparral: 1-3 TBS

Soothing nutritious and coating:

Slippery Elm powder 1-3 TBS

Marshmallow leaf or powder 1-3 TBS

Peppermint leaves for taste

Licorice root powder for taste

Can mix all herbs together.  Mix and match until you get a nice flavor, soothing medicinal tea.

*plants (herbs) may aggravate people with allergies so test your recipe with small doses before drinking the entire 16 ounces.

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Homeopathic Genus Epidemicus: Coronavirus 2019

Homeopathy is  based on the principle of   “like cures like” meaning a medicine that causes a sickness in a well person will be the indicated remedy to stimulate healing in a sick person when the symptoms match – mentally, emotionally, physically and in the general modalities.

The action of the remedy when given to a sick person matching its state will stimulate the vital force of the person to finish getting well.

Homeopathic remedies have “personalities” or specific characteristic actions.  When these characteristic actions are matched with the generals, or modalities, of the remedy fitting the experience of the sick person, wellness ensues.

Homeopathy can be amazing when used acutely.  However, Homeopathic Remedies are medicines and must be respected as such.  One must follow principles when used:

  • If the state of the acute sickness is obvious:  mentally and physically then you can dose the remedy every 15 minutes for 3 doses maximum.
  • One pellet in a glass of water stirred 10 times.  One sip is one dose.
  • If the remedy does not help after 2-3 doses in an acute state, don’t repeat. It is the wrong remedy.
  • When there is improvement, do not repeat dosing the remedy.
  • Repeat the remedy only when there has been initial improvement and then an apparent relapse.
  • Less is better.  When in doubt don’t repeat the remedy.
  • Mint may antidote the remedy so avoid mints while using.

When there is an epidemic of Influenza there are many Homeopathic Associations of practitioners which compile a Genus Epidemicus of the symptoms of the influenza and alert practitioners as to the manifestations of sickness.

The following remedies cover the symptoms of people affected by the current influenza: Coronavirus.

Remedies can be purchased:  www.HahnemannLabs.com

Mercurius Vivus 30c

Characteristic pains:  infectious state, glandular swellings, sudden, sharp, stitching, burning, acrid discharges

Mentally: weary of life, mental depression, crying, impaired thinking

Aggravated by: night-time, wet, damp weather, lying on right side, perspiring; warm room and warm bed.

Better with:  rest

Great Strep throat remedy when symptoms match.

Bryonia Alba 30c

Characteristic pains:  stitching and tearing, dryness.  Slowness of developing symptoms, with exudation (slow escape of fluids from the cells=inflammation)

Mentally: irritable

Upper respiratory symptoms: cough

Excessive thirst

Aggravated by: motion, coughing, exertion, breathing

Better with:  rest, pressure, cold things, cool open air, quiet.

Gelsemium 30c

Characteristic pains:   overpowering ache worse limbs, muscles:  tired, heavy, weak, and sore

Mentally:  dull, heavy, drowsy, dizzy

Emotional:  dread, shock, surprise

Aggravated by:  emotions: dread, surprise, shock

Better with: urination, sweating, shaking, mental effort

Eupatorium Perfoliatum 30c

Characteristic pains:   bone breaking aches.  Violent aches like bruised bones.  Chest, back, limbs.

Mentally:  restless

Aggravated by:  cold air, motion, smell of sight of food, coughing

Better with:  vomiting bile, sweating, lying on face

Common Flu remedy and Food poisoning remedy not a part of the Genus Epidemicus:

Arsenicum Album 30c

Characteristic pains: influenza or food poisoning:  vomiting and diarrhea at the same time, burning, acrid discharges, water thin.

Mentally:  fault finding, oversensitive, anxious, fastidious, restlessness, must keep moving, changing positions

Aggravated:  cold in any form: drinks, food, air.  Midnight or later. Vegetables, infections

Better:  hot applications, hot food and drinks.  Walking around.  Motion.


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