Assessing Your Needs Overview

What are your body’s specific needs?

Before we can help your body restore its health, we need to assess what your body needs. What are your nutritional deficiencies? What are your toxicities? What organ systems are functioning at a reduced rate? What mineral ratios are out of balance? In what order should we support your body to minimize healing responses? To answer these questions we will use several tools.

A Symptomological Interview. Surprisingly, after years of trying different many different tests and several high-dollar machines, I have found that one of my most effective tool is to just ask you. This is one of the main reasons why all of my Initial Consultations take a few hours. We talk at length about your symptomology, your health, your lifestyle, and your key modalities. It’s not something that can easily be done with a survey because I cover a broad range of topics and only drill down into the details when I find something pertinent.

A 355-point Biomagnetic Scan of your body gives me an excellent read on what pathogens are inhabiting your body and where they are residing.

A Bioimpedance Analysis Test can often be helpful. I started using this test about ten-years ago when I was the primary wellness practitioner for the Colorado Department of Transportation, and I still find it very useful. It is a measure of cellular health… Read more

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is a test that measures minerals, mineral ratios, toxins and toxin ratios…Read more

Blood Tests are an excellent way to get a snapshot of what’s going on in the body with your glucose levels, your thyroid, your endocrine system, and many other things. Though I’ve received advanced training in functional medicine, thyroid, endocrine system, brain chemistry, and blood chemistry, I want to remind you that I am not acting as a medical professional so I won’t be looking at your blood tests to diagnose or treat diseases. Rather I am looking at how to give your body what it needs to operate effectively. For this reason, my tolerances on blood test measurements are much tighter than most Medical Professionals. My goal is to optimize your body so it can heal itself.

We use other tests and tools when necessary, but these are the most common methods of putting together a plan for supporting your body in its quest to bring itself back to optimum health.