AHS Week 7 Action Items

As always, keep doing what you’ve already been doing. A big part of this workshop is to build healthy habits. 

  1. Read your health goals regularly. Visualize yourself being healthy. Yes, this was a week 1 goal, but now you should have a better appreciation for how important this is. I haven’t needed a prescription drug in over 20 years, yet I still do this most days.
  2. Forgive anyone that you are holding a grudge against. I like the quote “holding a grudge is like drinking poison because you want the other person to die”.
  3. Actively think about how you can reduce negative stress in your life. There are positive and negative stressors. If you find yourself worrying or fearful, that’s a negative stress.

In addition, keep doing what you’ve already been doing

  • Follow the Foods to Eat, Foods to Moderate, Foods to Avoid. If you have been diligently following these for the last six weeks, it’s probably already a habit for you. If you’re only following it “most of the time”, then it will never become a habit and the temptations will never go away.
  • Keep juicing.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink ½ your body weight in ounces every day of water and/or juice.
  • Follow all the specific recommendations Dr. Marchon wrote up for you.
  • Evaluate your personal care products. Stop using the most toxic of these and replace them with healthier alternatives. You can rank them with phone apps from EWG.org (what we use), DetoxMe, or ThinkDirty.
  • Continue doing the brain exercises, those we did in class as well as the suggestions from Week 4. Most important would be the cerebellum exercises (balance) and the Saccades. Directions for both are on the website.
  • Continue journaling the foods that you eat and how they affect you. Use the Pulse Test on any foods that you may suspect are hard on your body.