AHS Week 1 Action Items

Please try to get these Action Items started right away. A big benefit of this workshop is creating healthy habits. That only happens when you do the action items consistently.

  1. Sign and turn in your Disclaimer and your Blood Authorization form to Mark@HealthRestored.com
  2. Get your blood drawn as soon as you get your voucher.
    1. As soon as we get your blood authorization form we will submit it and, usually within 24 hours, LifeExtension will forward your LabCorp voucher to you via email. Print out the voucher and take it to any LabCorp office. There are 5 in Colorado Springs. Go to labcorp.com, enter your zip code, select “Routine labwork” for your service and it will give you the contact info for the closest LabCorp office. You will need to fast for at least 8 hours before the test. If you go in the morning before breakfast, the fast will be done while you sleep. But be sure to drink 16 to 32 ounces of water before you go. It’s easier to draw blood when the patient is well hydrated. Hand them your voucher and bring your driver’s license or a government issued ID. They will do the rest. Once your lab work is completed (usually about 3 business days) they will send the results to you and to us.
  1. Fill out the four self-assessment forms that are on the healthrestored.com website. You will need to be logged in to access them. Use the login credentials you created when you registered for the class. If you need help, call or email me. Here are links to the assessment forms:
  1. Send an email with all of your major health challenges in your life and approximate dates and ages when they occurred to Mark@HealthRestored.com . Be sure to list all current issues and symptoms – even minor things may be important. This will help Dr. Marchon to help you avoid any healing responses (to minimize your healing symptoms from the Priority Order of Cure bulls eye chart she drew in class).
  2. Create a list of your health goals and review them every day. Start thinking of yourself as that healthy, fit person.
  3. Start drinking 32 ounces of Fresh Green Juice every day. For most people, juicing every other day will work, but drink your 32 ounces every day. If you don’t have a juicer, here is some information on Juice, Juicing, and Juicers. If cash is short, many of our previous students have purchased juicers at goodwill for under ten dollars. It probably won’t be the type of juicer we recommend, but don’t stress over it. Just do the best you can with the resources you have.