Aggressive Health Solutions Goals

The goals of this workshop are:

  • to assess your body’s deficiencies, toxicities, and abnormalities by using
    • four different blood panels
    • a Bioimpedance Analysis test(measures cellular health)
    • several pages of both physical and neurological self-assessment tests
    • blood pressure, weight, pulse oxygen, glucose levels
  • to optimize your blood markers. Optimizing your blood is much different than just making sure your markers are within lab ranges.
  • to put you on a diet that feeds your deficiencies
  • to grow your mineral reserves
  • to cleanse your body of toxicities and pathogens
  • to rebuild your microbiome
  • to turn healthy lifestyle choices into lifelong habits that will keep your body strong and significantly reduce your chances of future disease
  • to give you the confidence and the skills to take responsibility for your own health