Aggressive Health Solutions Agenda

We cannot give you an exact agenda because Dr. Marchon only covers topics that are an issue for students in that particular workshop, and adds topics that are prevalent health concerns to students. Here are some general topics that she usually covers, but the real value of this workshop is the personalized plan that you will follow week by week until your lifestyle changes become habits.

Week 1

  • Our Health Care Report Card
  • Prevention Works
  • The Five Stages of Diseases
  • Address causes, not symptoms
  • Principles of Cure
  • Week 1 Action Items
  • Q&A
  • BIA Testing (cellular health), blood pressure, pulse oxygen, weight, body fat composition

Week 2

  • Food Triggers
  • Rebuilding Your Mineral Reserves
  • Hydration
  • Action Items
  • Q&A

Week 3

  • Chemical Triggers
  • Supporting Your Immune System
  • Brain Pathways with Exercises
  • Action Items
  • Q&A

Week 4

  • Brain Health
  • Eliminating Pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi) from your body
  • Your Blood Markers – we will go over each blood marker from your test, explaining what it should be and how to raise/lower each. Your personalized plan will also spell this out for you but not as detailed as the class.
  • Action Items
  • Q&A

Week 5

  • Your Blood Markers cont’d.
  • Action Items
  • Q&A

Week 6

  • Detox – Opening Your Five Elimination Channels
  • Supplements
  • Action Items
  • Q&A

Week 7

  • How your emotions affect your health