About Dr. Marchon “Shawn” Schuler

Hi, I'm Dr. Marchon

I am a natural health practitioner. I have been on this journey for over 25 years and have been helping people with alternative medicine since starting Health Restored over 21 years ago.


Board certified Doctor of Natural Medicine; Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) degree and Master Herbalist (MH) certification from Trinity School of Natural Health; Classical Homeopathy Certification from the Institute of Classical Homeopathy of Colorado; currently in my last year of a 5-year mentorship program under internationally renowned homeopath Dr. Shilpa Bhouraskar; Certified Natural Health Professional; Previously a Certified Nutritionist but I didn’t agree with the American Board of Nutrition’s Food Pyramids, so I let it lapse; Completed Functional Medicine classes in Basic Blood Chemistry, Advanced Blood Chemistry, Functional Endocrinology, Advanced Thyroid, and Brain Chemistry.

My journey

I started this journey of natural health because the mainstream medical system was not helping me to overcome my family’s health issues. When my daughter was an infant, she was having constant ear infections. We were going back to the doctor every few months for another round of antibiotics. Once we realized that wasn’t working, we went to an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist. He told us that the only way to stop her ear infections was for her to have ear surgery. We had a hard time accepting that diagnosis, so I began to research the issue. After a few weeks of research, we implemented some simple dietary changes and it worked immediately. My daughter never had another ear infection. That’s when my thinking began to change. I realized that no one cared about my family’s health as much as I did, and I began to take responsibility for my family’s health. In those early years, we would still go to the doctor to get diagnosed, but I would never fill the prescriptions. Instead, I would research natural alternatives to heal what the doctor diagnosed. This went on for a few years. I researched as needed and had very good success, but I didn’t really think much about natural health on a daily basis.

That all changed the day I was diagnosed with abdominal cancer and the doctor spoke those fateful words “get your affairs in order”. Initially, I felt like a victim – like I had no control. I didn’t even consider natural health. I used natural health to overcome ear infections, colds, influenza, and chronic respiratory issues. It even worked to bring my husband’s high blood pressure back down to normal. But Cancer? Cancer seemed too big for my body to overcome. Luckily, the doctors were not giving me any acceptable alternatives. Natural medicine was the only alternative that offered me hope. So I started studying in earnest. This instantly turned my natural health “hobby” into a consuming passion, and resulted in some very significant lifestyle changes for my entire family. The cancer is long gone (without medical intervention) but the passion is still as strong as ever.

I am not in any way telling you that you should ignore your doctor’s recommendations, and I am not against prescription drugs or surgeries. They absolutely save lives when they are necessary. But once I began to understand the amazing ability of the human body, my definition of “necessary” changed drastically. For my family of 5, in the last 20 years only two prescriptions have been “necessary” (excluding a few traumatic accidents). If you think we are some of the lucky few who are “blessed with good health” – you’re right. We are. But we didn’t start out that way. We evolved into good health. And, science tells us over 95% of all people can be equally “blessed with good health” if they make the right lifestyle choices. The biggest barrier we had in this process was knowledge, which is why I view teaching as such an important part of what Health Restored does.

After 20 years of running my own natural health clinic I am still passionate about helping other people to realize their health goals. It is what keeps me up late and gets me up early, and I consider myself to be blessed beyond measure that I can spend my days helping other people to claim their natural right to vibrant health.