Is your current health care working for you?

Everyone else says treating our diseases is the path to good health. I say diseases are symptoms of deeper issues in the body. Until we fix these deeper issues our diseases will continue, or get worse.

For example: The USA spends more money than any other nation in the world on health care, yet we’re ranked 43rd in life expectancy. We are predicted to rank 64th in life expectancy in 2040. We are ranked 56th in infant mortality. Our incidence rates of diseases are skyrocketing over the last 30 years. If this isn’t acceptable to you, perhaps you need a new medical model… Read more

What can we do for you?

Scientific evidence shows us if you give your body what it needs, it has the innate ability to heal itself. The physician’s primary role should be to facilitate this natural ability by supplying your body with its specific needs and removing the barriers that hinder it.

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Meet Marchon "Shawn" Schuler

Marchon is a board certified Doctor of Natural Medicine,
a Master Herbalist, a Classical Homeopath, a Certified
Natural Health Professional, trained in functional medicine,
with over 20 years experience running her own Natural
Health clinic.

Many years ago, when Marchon was diagnosed with cancer
it changed her life for the better…  Read more

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